Our team at RDS Wealth Management, an office of MetLife, is here to help you unlock your financial future.  We are dedicated to helping clients make informed financial decisions about issues that affect their financial needs. We strongly believe that a team approach allows us to best chart a course for success for you as a client.  Each of our members fills a critical role in your success and overall experience with us as we provide insights from different life-stage perspectives and experiences.

We are collectively driven to provide you with objective, personalized solutions that enhance your life, and safe you time and money. Our commitment is that we will work with you to determine what is important in your live and by creating a comprehensive financial plan centered on your values. We work collaboratively to help you get where you want to be financially.
Our goal is to be help you create long term wealth and financial security by focusing on the six area of financial planning and implementing through thoughtful process your:

  • Cash Flow and Net Worth Management
  • Insurance Solutions
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Legacy Planning

Core values:

Integrity your best interest is the single criteria we use to create  strategies and solutions.
Excellence it is the standard we set for ourselves, and one we expect you to set for us.
Partnership our interests will always be aligned.  We are here to coach, educate, and inspire.
Relationship we strive to know our clients’ aspirations, fears and life goals.
Rigor we approach everything we do with thoroughness, professionalism, and attention to detail.
Service our entire team is committed to providing truly customized service and an overall rewarding client experience.
Results we proactively provide insight, clarity and solutions to improve your finances and enhance your life.